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Whitman Residence

photo credit Benjamin Hill Photography Photography       design collaboration with Galvin Group, Australia

The interplay between concealment and revelation informs the design of this house for an empty nester couple. Inspired by the owners’ previous life in Australia, it takes cues from contemporary Australian architecture with its strong horizontal lines, use of simple materials, efficient organization and most notably, its powerful indoor-outdoor connectivity.

4210 Whitman07.jpg
4210 Whitman07.jpg
Copy of Whitman06.jpg
4210 Whitman02.jpg
4210 Whitman22.jpg
Copy of Whitman10.jpg
Copy of Whitman04.jpg
Copy of Whitman03.jpg
4210 Whitman19.jpg
4210 Whitman17.jpg
Copy of Whitman21.jpg
Copy of Whitman16.jpg
Copy of Whitman20.jpg
Copy of Whitman14.jpg
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