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saxon residence

Saxon Residence

photography by Benjamin Hill Photography

This contemporary home in Bellaire, TX has nods to traditional shapes to contrast the more industrial materials and forms. While social distancing in Spring of 2020, our clients gave us permission to photograph the exterior. We hope to be able to share the interior of the home with you soon.

4819 Saxon 4.jpg
4819 Saxon14.jpg
4819 Saxon15-2.jpg
4819 Saxon08.jpg
4819 Saxon10.jpg
4819 Saxon11.jpg
4819 Saxon09.jpg
4819 Saxon16.jpg
4819 Saxon12.jpg
4819 Saxon18.jpg
4819 Saxon13.jpg
4819 Saxon19.jpg
4819 Saxon17.jpg
4819 Saxon22.jpg
4819 Saxon21.jpg
4819 Saxon 3.jpg
4819 Saxon 5.jpg
4819 Saxon 1a.jpg
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