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Custom Residential

Custome residential projects are the foundation of our business.  Our philosophy of place making drives our intent to provide intelligent design for modern day families. We interject each project with personality, consider each client's lifestyle, and tailor the proportioning of each individual home. It is through this pursuit of ‘custom’ that makes each project memorable.

Small Commercial

Retail, hospitality, both free standing and tenant buildout projects require a skilled hand, an organized leader, and a creative vision to create a place that contributes to, not detracts from, it’s neighborhood. As building code and city ordinances change, we make it a priority to design clear, elegant projects that our clients love.


Remodel projects can be challenging, but that does not mean they have to be difficult. We work along side knowledgeable general contractors to direct remodel projects, so design intent is achieved, budget is respected, and unforeseen circumstances are resolved. Our effot is to have remodel work that is seamless and beautiful.

Feasibility Study

We are often asked if a project is ‘do-able.’ And often if someone is asking, they are asking because it may not be. Feasibility Studies are comprehensive analyses that dive quickly into the logistical challenges a unique project may face. In collaboration with city building officials, engineers, and financial advisors, we can develop a strategic plan for a project before extensive design fee is invested.

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